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Heat treatments

Your specialist in heat treatment and annealing

Change the structural properties of your materials for better machining or make your metals resistant to cracking or chemical products.

WBT Electron offers heat treatments for this. Unique furnace sizes, matching hoisting capacity and the possibility to work on site make us your preferred specialist.

Professional annealing treatment

We help heavy industry, petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering and the energy sector with professional heat and annealing treatments.

Our annealing furnaces:
  • Temperature up to 1,300 °C
  • Weights up to 25 tons
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From advice to annealing certificate

The best annealing process requires specialist knowledge. We advise and think along with you about the preparations, the thermo-couple plan, an efficient procedure and post-treatment. Your heat treatment is monitored online 24/7.
If you opt for a heat treatment from WBT Electron, you will receive an annealing certificate and chart.

Our location

Our stationary annealing furnaces for the heat treatment of metals and other materials can be found at WBT Electron in Moordrecht, near Rotterdam and Gouda.

We are there to serve you professionally and quickly.


  Stress-relief annealing
  Normalising annealing
  Solvent annealing
  Hydrogen-free annealing (tempering)
  Forced cooling with air
  Drying, curing or sintering of fire-resistant materials