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Professional expertise

WBT Electron is an expert in heat treatment and annealing of metal workpieces. We relieve stress from the material or influence the mechanical properties. This is done at high temperature with the help of insulated caps and automatically controlled gas burners.

Stress-relief annealing

With stress-relief annealing, the stresses in your material are reduced. These stresses are caused by various processes such as welding, deformation or casting.

Normalising annealing

Normalising annealing is applied to improve the mechanical properties and machinability of your material.

Solvent annealing

To improve the homogeneity of the material, we apply solvent annealing.

Hydrogen-free annealing (tempering)

Hydrogen-free annealing or tempering reduces hydrogen embrittlement in your material.

Forced cooling with air

We can also apply forced and accelerated air cooling of your material by means of fans.

Drying of fire-resistant materials

Drying of fire-resistant materials means that the material is heated sometimes up to 1300 degrees in order to obtain the correct properties. This process ensures that the right material structure is obtained and/or the product is treated under more favourable conditions than at commissioning. This prevents any undesired variations in composition, structure or dimensions.

Heat treatment under nitrogen atmosphere

Heat treatment under nitrogen atmosphere is also one of the possibilities we can offer you.
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