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Heat treatments

Heat treatments in Moordrecht

Our stationary annealing furnaces are located in Moordrecht (South Holland). Close to Rotterdam, near the A12, A20, A15 and A16 motorways. We ensure the correct procedures and provide expert annealing technicians.

[FRAME] Our annealing furnaces:
  • Temperature up to 1,100 °C
  • Lengths up to 6 meters
  • Weights up to 25 tons
  • Furnace atmosphere: natural gas, electric, nitrogen

Complex heat treatments

We have experience with heat treatments of high-end parts that contain high-grade alloys. We carry these out with a very high temperature accuracy. We also provide treatments in an inert or conditioned atmosphere. Our annealing furnaces are controlled by specific software.

Our heat treatments:
  • 24/7 continuous process monitoring
  • Online tracking
  • Updates by text or email
  • Complete annealing certificate and report always included
  • Quality assurance based on ISO standards and internal controls

Drying of fire-resistant materials

Undesired variations in composition, structure or dimensions are a thing of the past with WBT Electron. We treat the material under the best conditions. Various ovens are available for this.

Fire tests

The diversity of ovens makes us unique in the market. Thanks to various small and large ovens, we quickly perform simple fire tests on small and large objects. This gives you insight into which materials ultimately have to pass a certified fire test.

What challenge do you have for us? We help with any heat treatment

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